Politician Raja Peter In 4 Days Remand, For Conniving And Paying Rs 5 Crore

Raja Peter Has been taken in remand for 4 days .


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Jamshedpur,10 October 2017 : Raja Peter is accused of giving a contract of Rs 5 cr to Maowadi for the murder of J.D.U M.L.A.

Naxalites Kundan Pahan, Ram Mohan Munda and Balram Sahu disclosed big secrets to NIA (National Investigation Agency). Naxalite Kundan Pahan who is the primary accused in the murder case of M.L.A(J.D.U) Ramesh Singh Munda accused Gopal Krishna Peter (Raja Peter) of paying Rs 5cr to Maowadi Polit Bureau.

Polit Bureau later instructed Naxals for the murder of the M.L.A , He also accused Raja Peter of gathering confidential information about the movements of Ramesh Singh Munda from constable Sheshnath Singh Kharwar who was then appointed for the security of the M.L.A

One Big question is also that how Raja Peter paid Rs 5 crore to Maoist back in 2008. while in 2008 neither he was M.L.A and neither had any prominent source of Income.

In July 2008 M.L.A(J.D.U) Ramesh Singh Munda was murdered by a team of naxals under the guidance of Kundan Pahan while attending a school program .

It was Constable Sheshnath who informed  not only about the movements of the M.L.A but also gave details about his security strength . 

Raja Peter has now been taken in remand for next 4 days by the NIA.






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