A Political Party Demands To Pause Helmet Checking Till Durga Puja

J.M.M Politicians Demand To Hold On Helmet Checking Till The End Of Navratri And Durga Puja 

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Jamshedpur,22 September 2017 : Ashish Namta, Gurmeet Singh Gill, Fatehchand Tudu and Other Politicians Of J.M.M Demands To Pause Helmet Checking.

These Politicians of J.M.M demanded to pause helmet checking till durga puja and navratri ends.

As per them during navratri most people are on fast and have to go to market to purchase needful for puja and in this case if they forget to put on their helmet then its become a big problem for them if the police catch them their whole mindset is disturbed .

During navratri and Durga puja people have a spiritual mindset but once they get into a mess their whole mindset is spoiled and the festival for which they have waited for an year becomes a nightmare after they get caught in helmet checking.

It is a fact that during festive season people have shortage of time and in hurry they might forget their helmet and in this case they have to lose hours in the police station to get their vehicle back.

J.M.M members have submitted an application to the S.S.P requesting to suspend helmet checking during Durga Puja and Navratri.

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