6 Primary Reason Why Amit Shah Visited Jharkhand

Amit Shah Guided Jharkhand B.J.P For Upcoming Elections

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Jamshedpur,16 September 2017 : Amit Shah Jharkhand Visit Was Observed As A Fest By Jharkhand B.J.P

Amit Shah is on a 3 day Jharkhand Tour, His Visit is observed as a fest by the B.J.P members and supporters in Jharkhand but Amit Shah is here for some serious matters , Here are the six primary matter for which Amit Shah visited Jharkhand: 

  1. He want the Mandal meeting To be Done By 10 October 2017
  2. He wants the party to maintain a database of all smartphone users at booth level
  3. He wants the District Officers meeting to be held Between 18 -25 September
  4. He wants meetings to be held by  the working committee of the district and state regularly in three months
  5. He wants a report of Mandal meetings to be sent to the District and the District meeting report to be send to the state  and State meetings report to be sent to a National Leader regularly
  6. He wants the B.J.P politicians of the state to meet the social worker, Self Help Groups, Sakhi Mandal and Others regularly


Beside these six, Amit shah also guied the party to pay special attention at the booth level and towards the Dalit & Adivasi, He also instructed the M.P and M.L.A to spend 30% of their fund towards the dalit and adivasi.

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