Oman Man Tweets Kidnapping Of His Wife To C.M While Wife Says She Was Thrown Out Of House In Foreign Soil

Oman Man Tweets To Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das And Seeks Help To Get Back His Wife Who Was Kidnapped 7 Years Ago According To Him.

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Jamshedpur,4 November 2017 : Binod Kumar An N.R.I Tweets To Chief Minister Seeking Help To Get Her Wife Back.


In a video Binod Kumar also said that 3 years ago he discovered that her wife and children are kept in a house in Mango, Jamshedpur and are being torchered and were also forced to convert religion .

But Her Wife Priya reveals another story 

According To Binod , Her wife was kidnapped 7 years ago from Indira gandhi international airport but her wife tells another story.

According to her wife priya, Her husband threw Priya along with her twins childrens outside his house in Oman 7 years ago . At that time both her child aged only 1 and half years, Priya somehow managed to come back to her Parents house in Bihar Sharif and stayed there with her twin childrens. 

However her husband later sent her tickets for Oman but she returned back from Delhi airport as her husband demanded to come with Rs 5 Lakh , After her parents dropped her at delhi airport she called vinod and vinod told her not to come back empty hand,Then she decided not to go back and contacted sadik and went away from the airport without informing her husband or parents.

And later on she moved on with Md. Sadik , a residence of mango Jamshedpur.

Priya has married (nikah) Sadik and is now staying with Sadik in a rented house in mango . Priya said that she has never converted her religion and still a hindu which can be proved from all her documents and ID proofs but they have changed the children names so that their name could match with their father/guardian religion .

According To S.S.P Anoop T. Mathew : He himself met priya and spoke to her ,but according to her statement she was never kidnapped and does not want to go back to her husband. The matter is now in family court and police could not do anything. 

Priya and Sadik with their childrens were later brought to police station on Friday evening and police is carrying on the investigation.


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