New Rules Made To Keep The AirFare Low Between Jamshedpur To Kolkata

New Rules Will Be Formed To Keep The Airfare Cheaper .

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Update 16 Feb 2018: Airline Service Started in Jamshedpur, Airline Fare From Jamshedpur To Kolkata

Jamshedpur,6 October 2017 : Tata Steel And DGCA Finally Agreed To Sign The Agreement At Kolkata For Flights Connecting Jamshedpur To Kolkata.

Tata Steel is ready to provide all necessary support for air services from Jamshedpur to Kolkata. New rules will be formed for the use of Private sonari airport by central and state government.

The Time For The flights have not been set yet but it is sure that the flights will take off at its given time as seats will be covered by subsidy.

Government is providing subsidy to ensure the Airline company a profitable business and to keep the airfare low for to attract new passengers.

Government will also ensure that the tickets are sold by  authorised agency and no body will be allowed to sale to taket at higher price .If the government fails to assign an agency then air deccan will themselve sell the tickets .

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