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Kurki Of Kalimuddin House By A.T.S and Commando

Maulana Kalim Uddin Is Charged With Terrorism Act And Is Said To Be A Member Of Al-Qaeda.

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Jamshedpur,17 September 2017 : A.T.S with the help of Commando has done Kurki of Maulana Kalim Uddin House.

Maulana Kalimuddin is absconding on the charges of terrorism , He is also said to be a member of Al- Qaeda organisation.

Kurki was done at his  Jawahar nagar residence which was more used as a meeting centre by kalimuddin, His residence was also used as a madarsa.

D.S.P Awadh Kumar with the help force did the kurki which was issued back in October 2016.

During the Kurki Process the team did'nt even touched the holy book Quraan Sharif  and left it in his house only.

The team got few cash memo from madarsa which was used to collect donation and one diary which had few names.

Unfortunately At the End of the Kurki,  A.T.S and D.S.P did'nt got anything serious from his house .  

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