Jamshedpur : Toll Tax To Be Raised In Toll Bridge

A.T.B.C.L (Adityapur Toll Bridge Company Limited) Decided To Raise Toll Tax .


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Jamshedpur,28 September 2017 : A.T.B.C.L Decided To Raise Toll Tax

A.T.B.C,L was running in loss since its establishment and to get out of loss the company conducted a board meeting in which the company has decided that the only way to overcome loss is to raise the toll tax. Company has already sent the proposal to the the state government. 



According to the company estimate the raised price will be effective from 1st october 2017.

The company also have some uncleared Payments from the state government, the government has issued order to keep the two wheeler free of toll tax and agreed to pay a reasonable amount in lieu of that but the government has not paid the amount since December 2014.

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