Jamshedpur :M.G.M Computer Scam Of Rs 24 Lakh ,Rs 1.20 Lakh per Computer

A.D.C Sunil Kumar With Team Of 4 Reached M.G.M To Investigate The Computer Scam

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Jamshedpur,27 September 2017 : 20 Computers Were Bought At M.G.M And Each Are Said To Be Of Rs 1.20 Lakh


The Scam was revealed after R.T.I activist Darsh Choudhry reported the scam to the concerned officer, According to the complaint the computer which are available at M.G.M were bought at much more higher price than they are actually Of.  A good configuration computer is available at a price of Rs 25,000 - Rs 30,000 in the market but the computers at M.G.M were said to be bought at Rs 1,20,000 each.

A Total Of Rs 24 Lakh was spent to buy 20 computers at M.G.M hospital Jamshedpur. 


A team of 4 reached M.G.M to investigate the matter under the guidance of A.D.C Sunil Kumar .The team viewed the computer Bills , noted the computer model and the date of purchase .The reports has now been submitted to the concerned person.

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