Court Did Not Permit Further Remand For Amlesh Singh

Court Send Amlesh Singh To Jail

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Jamshedpur,13 September 2017 : Court Did Not Permit Further Remad Of Amlesh Singh

After the completion of 3 days remand for Amlesh Singh, Sidhghora police demanded for more 3 days remand but the court denied and send Amlesh Singh to Jail.

Amlesh Singh disclosed many big secrets during the first 3 days remand. The police came to know his source of income and his working methods. Amlesh told that he used to earn Rs 20 Lakh extortion every month through scrap and he used to offer Rs 50,000 to his father for his expenses.

He also said that he used to handle his brother Akhilesh Singh's business in his absence.

Judge Kamal Ranjan finally sends Amlesh Singh to Jail after completion of his 3 days remand.

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