A Compensation Of Rs 2 Lakh To The Family Of 5 Victims Who Lost Their Life At Kumardubi Incidence

5 Out Of 9 Received A Cheque Of Rs 2 Lakh Each As An Compensation Against The Fire Incident In Which Their Relative Lost Their Life.

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Jamshedpur,28 September 2017 : B.J.P M.P Bidyut Baran Mahato & M.L.A Kunal Sandgi Handed Cheque Of Rs 2 Lakh Each to 5 Out of 9 Victim's Family Who Lost Their Life At Kumardubi Fire.

On wednesday night M.P Bidyut Baran Mahato and M.L.A Kunal Sandgi Handed Cheque to victim's family. The Cheque was a compensation to the family of those who lost their life due to fire in a cracker factory in Kumardubi village. Government has taken initiative for the compensation but no arrest has been confirmed yet.

There were almost 9 people who lost their life and several were injured.

Cheque Of rs 50,000 Each was also handed to the 3 injured .

On The other Hand M.P Bidyut Baran Mahato also helped the families by providing them with 16 bags of Rice , 4 Dhoti, 2 Tirpal and additional 10,000 Rupees to Each.

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