289 Received Notice At Their Home After Skipping Helmet Checking In Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur 8 January 2018 : 289 Received notice at their home after skipping helmet checking in Jamshedpur.

City S.P Prabhat Kumar said that the helmet/ vehicle checking was conducted by the district police under surveillance of 90 cameras and notice has been sent to 289 person who skipped during this checking.

As per the notice they have to pay the fine within a month or their license will be cancelled.

The police is now instructed to perform helmet checking in the camera zone so that no body can escape the fine.

The police are also instructed to check for ISI mark on the helmet of riders and if it is not found on the helmet than can further investigate with section 190/191.

As of now police has sent notice to 289 riders who escaped helmet checking but were caught by the CCTV cameras , district police have sent notice to their home demanding them to pay the fine or else their license may get cancelled.


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  1. Its very nice step taken by jamshedpur Traffic police team.
    Requesting to put traffic signals at all major road junction and roundabout(Goal Chakkar)

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