20 TAYO Employees Injured By Lathicharge In Jamshedpur

TAYO Employees Forcefully Removed  From Tata Steel Growth Shop Gate

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Jamshedpur,23 September 2017 : Police Opted For Lathi Charge After They Failed To Convince The Protesters By Words And Water Canons .

TAYO Employees with their wife and children were protesting since last two days outside Tata Steel Growth Shop Gate. The Employees are demanding resumption of production and payment of their pending salary.

Saraikela S.D.O arrived around 10:30 pm and instructed the people to clear the gate but failed to convinced the people ,He also made announcements on the loudspeaker and later on the police fired the water canons but that also did'nt worked. At Last Police Lathicharged at the Employee over there , approximately 20 employees were injured during the lathicharge .

Tayo Rolls, an associate company of Tata Steel has been shut in phases since 2016. The company’s case is now pending with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) for revival.There were about 700 employees, including over 220 officers. Though company has suspended its operation since May last year and most of the employees have taken their final settlements, 286 employees continues to attend their duty.

Though company has suspended the production, it still had provided the bus service for ferrying the employees living in distant localities for reaching the company in Gamharia, which is about 15 kms away from the heart of the city.
The Tayo Rolls Ltd had stopped production since August 2016 as the company was incurring huge loss since the past five years. 

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