Weed , Drugs and Alcohol consumption increasing at an alarming rate inside most of the college campus of Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur,24 June,2016 : Consumption of  Alcohol , Weed and other Drugs are increasing at an alarming rate in Jamshedpur .

Students with a joint in a hand have become a common scenario in jamshedpur these days.

Many colleges of jamshedpur have become a hub for weed smokers, Students now come to college to smoke weed and drink alcohol inside the college campus.

Co-Operative , Workers and L.B.S.M College are among the top in the list where students can be easily found smoking weed or consuming other drugs and alcohol ,As soon as the sun sets they gather in groups to consume drugs and alcohol in college campus

In this context, Principal of workers college said that the main reason behind this are the outsiders who come to college and do drugs and the students get into these addiction on seeing them and by being in their company.

Most of the outsides are goon and are tough to be handled by the students or college management.

Tatanagar Live team hope and wish that the college management and government soon find a way to stop these activity and control drugs otherwise soon we will watch a movie named "udta jamshedpur ".

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