Amit Rai Murder Case – Kurki of Kanhaiya Property , Doors and windows also Seized


Sonari police carried out Kurki  process on Kanhaiya Singh's Property in Amit Rai Murder Case

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Jamshedpur, 18 December 2016 : Sonari Police accomplished Kurki of Kanhaiya Singh's property in Amit Rai murder case.

Kurki was processed on Kanhaiya Singh's Baghbera Resident on Saturday.

The process continued for 5 hours and police seized all items form his house including doors and windows.

Kanhaiya Singh is the prime suspect in Amit Rai murder case and major crime partner of gangster Akhilesh Singh.

According to the police , most of the items were already taken away from the house before kurki process and police only got a handfull of items.

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