Transparent Report Of Upendra Singh Murder Plan and Akhilesh Singh’s Role

 Jamshedpur Police found out the murder plan and the People involved in Upendra Singh murder

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Jamshedpur, 22 December 2016 : Jamshedpur Police has been able to find out the murder plan of Upendra Singh and also the people who were involved while making the murder plan.

Upendra Singh Murder plan was prepared in Anil Singh's hotel at Sunsaniya Gate,Burmamines.

According to the Statement given by Ajay Yadav - Harish made the murder plan with Sanjay Singh, Sonu Singh, Vinod Singh (Mogli),Shiva Reddy, Pankaj Singh and Chotu.


It was Harish who invited everyone to Sunsaniya Gate.


Harish started the meetig by saying that they have gathered here to plan upendra singh murder and each and everyone will be paid Rs 2 Lakh for this murder.

Harish also said that this murder plan is being made on the orders  and instruction given by gangster Akhilesh Singh.

 Harish also provided one Sim card, One Mobile Phone to each person over there and also guided them that further discussion about this meeting will be made via this mobile phone and sim card only.

Afterwards , Harish took out gun from his car and handed to Mogli .

On Their second meeting in Burmamines, Harish received a call from Akhilesh Singh and was further guided for Upendra singh murder.

The whole team moved out and settled in an empty quarter in Agrico at 07:30 pm and later on around 03:00 am went to a hotel in Dimna in search of Upendra Singh.


On 30th November the whole team arrived Civil Court at 08:30 pm , they had prior information that Upendra singh will reach court on a scorpio registered with Ranchi Number.

Shiv Reddy followed Upendra Singh as he reached court and informed  Mogli, Sonu and other team members,

Sonu and Mogli entered the court with arms while other people monitored the police over there. 

After few minutes the court echoed with bullets meanwhile Harish and other member ran away.

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