Sudhir Dubey Arrested – Upendra Singh Murder Case – Big achievement for Jamshedpur Police

Jamshedpur police achieved another milestone in Upendra Singh murder case.

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Jamshedpur, 26 December 2016 : Jamshedpur police arrested Sudhir Dubey on Sunday from Shahpur Bazaar, Bhojpur , Bihar.

Sudhir Dubey was shooter of Akhilesh Singh's Gang and was accused in murder case of Upendra singh and Amit Rai.

Police arrested Sudhir from Shahpur Bazaar, when he was going to AARA to meet his sister , Sudhir was in his white scorpio with his two friends, Pintu Pradhan and Ravi Dubey.

police also had to face scuffle with the local people while arresting Sudhir Dubey.

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