In Steel City- ‘youngsters are doing crime to get curbed drugs’


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Jamshedpur 11, August,2016: By growing crimes in the city, police control is critical to support our strategy in every angle. In the case of theft-larceny police caught several teens and young, which for opiate drug addiction do crime . City SP Prashant Anand, in his office on Wednesday had a meeting with SDO Suraj  Kumar , Drugs Inspector and  representatives of the Medical Association.  The meeting made it clear that the SP was seen in the increasing crimes and criminals in the drugs Mncle boys is increasing.  These drugs are available in medical stores or general stores.  They need to stop it.  He directly appealed to the Association that Medical Association give their informed through the drug dealers do not sell the banned drug. Despite this, sales of the drug is restricted in medical store, receive complaints will be taken against the seller said City SP. Some prohibited drugs such as N-Ten, Corex, etc. mentioned should be banned. The meeting was also attended by IAS Mittal.   Jamshedpur News @   

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