Special Train Between Jamshedpur and Kolkata


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 Jamshedpur,24  Nov : Railway has announced a special train connecting Jamshedpur and Kolkata. This train will run from Tatanagar station to Santragachi station.

Tata -Santragachi Special (02814) will run from 28th November to 30th December 2016 as of now, This Train will run on Every Tuesday, Friday and Monday . This train will also cover stations like Chakulia, Ghatsila, Jhadgram and Khadakpur station .

Tata -Santragachi Special (02814) will depart from Tatanagar Railway station at 07:35 am and will reach Santragachi at 11:20 am

Meanwhile Santragachi -Tata Special (02813) will depart from santragachi at 07:15 pm and will reach Tatanagar station at 10:55 pm on Monday , Thursday and sunday from 27th November to 29th December 2016 .

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