Sonu Singh taken in remand in Upendra singh Murder Case


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Jamshedpur, 14 December 2016 : Police took Sonu  Singh in remand for two days in Upendra Singh Murder case , Sonu Singh is a reisdent of Raghwarnagar, East plant ,Burmamines .

whereas other shooters Vinod Singh and Moghli are still in M.G.M hospital , Police will take them in remand as soon as they will be discharged from hospital.

City S.P , Prashant Anand also visited Benars on Tuesady to get a trace of Akhilesh Singh's wife, Police was not able to get any information about Akhilesh's wife but was able to find out that Akhilesh owns a house and a flat in Benaras, police is also trying to presurrize his In- Laws.


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