Public demanded Death Penalty : Demanded to hand over the accused to Public

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Jamshedpur,5 June,2016 : Md. Jalal who was accused of Killing a two and half year old kid Shaikh Afroz, confessed his crime after interrogation.

  • Jalal admitted that he Killed the child -Shaikh Afroz,( 2.5 yrs) on Sunday morning around 10:00 am
  • The boy was wearing a red shirt and a chocolate brown pant ,After murder he removed the red shirt and put a t-shirt on the dead body.
  • After murder he applied liquid mud on the whole body of the child.
  • He also tried to dilute the body . Jalal put the body in a bag (bora) and also put carboid in it and then  kept the body in the freeze  for 16 hours and thrown it into a Well , The body was thrown at night around 2:30 am.

The Fridge in which Shaikh Afroz body was kept


Well - where the body was thrown after murder

Shaikh Afroz parents and people of that locality gathered outside police station and created uproar and lamentation to hand over the culprit to their hand and give him death for death.


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