Police Nabed Akhilesh Singh’s in-Laws , Reached Banaras . Next is Noida


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Jamshedpur, 10  December 2016 : Police putting their full effort to catch Gangster Akhilesh Sigh who is the Prime Suspect in Upendra Singh and Amit Rai Murder case.

Police with City S.P Prashant Anand reached Banaras and inquired Akhilesh Singh's Father in -Law Chandan Singh about his business and current location

According to the information given by his In- Laws , Akhilesh singh with his In- Laws has invested Crores of Rupess in Banaras.

Akilesh has five business partner in Banaras, who gave details about his business in Banaras and Noida.

Police is also planning to visit Noida and gather information about Akhilesh singh and his business.

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