Amit Kumar made crore of rupees by scamming , Arrested by Jamshedpur police

 Jamshedpur Police arrested Amit Kumar of Baghbera in scam of crores

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Jamshedpur, 30 December 2016 :  Jamshedpur police on Monday arrested Amit Kumar of Baghbera from Sakchi in a raid.

Many complaints were registered against Amit kumar , He was accused of Portraying himself as an agent of Kotak mahindra bank and inviting people to invest money in false schemes. 

He also made false promise to give a return rate of 40% in share market. He also used to give a cheque including an interest of rs 5000 to acquire trust but unfortunately none of them were cleared.

complaints were registered with S.S.P Anup T. Mathew and arrest was made after investigation.

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