People with vested interests misleading tribals on CNT issue: CM


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Jamshedpur, Nov. 5: Targeting those opposing amendments in Chotanagpur Tenancy Act (CNT) and Santhal Pargana Tenancy (SPT) Act, Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Saturday said that people with vested interests were misleading tribals on the issue.

Das, who arrived today to participate in Chhath celebrations, was talking to the newsmen at Sidhgora Surya Mandir premises. He reiterated that the amendments will pave way of development for tribals.

“Those opposing the proposed amendments to CNT and SPT Acts are worried because from now they will not be able to play with tribal sentiments and can grab their lands for their own needs.

Those opposing the Government’s move should first explain why a majority of tribals are still deprived roads, power supply and drinking water,” noted Das.

He went on to add that the Government is determined to stick to the decision to amend two British-era laws that protect the state’s tribal people. “Though even in 1996 (in the undivided Bihar regime) the ruling Congress party and JMM had brought changes in the said Act.

At that time no one dared to speak against the move and now when our Government is favouring changes for greater good, people and parties with vested interests are creating hue and cry over it,” noted the CM.

Giving references, he added that when CNT and SPT laws were amended in the past for setting up industries, no leaders objected. Why are the protests erupting now when the proposed amendments are meant to usher in public amenities such as schools, roads and hospitals.

The CM said his government took the latest decision after consulting the Tribal Advisory Council (TAC), the apex body that recommends and decides on tribal affairs in the state.

“We will spread awareness amongst the tribals that Congress and Jharkhand parties only want to see tribals languish in poverty.

None of the leaders in the past 14 years have thought of development. Instead, they robbed the state and plundered its resources. They have been using tribals to fulfill their needs,” stated Das.

Prior to this, soon after the CM arrived in the city, he went to various sites and reviewed preparations for Chhath. Das asked the administration to ensure proper arrangements so that there is no let down on safety arrangements.

There are nearly 18 major ghats in and around the city which witnesses huge turnout of devotees during the evening offerings and morning offerings.

A three-tier security arrangement has been made for Jamshedpur under which all the ghats would be under surveillance to monitor any dangerous or criminal activity. Besides, the deployment of 1,000 cops, metal detectors will also be used at the ‘sensitive’ ghats to keep the criminals at bay, said an official.

Plain-clothed policemen at the ghats and security officials on boats would be monitoring the situation from the river as experts divers would be nearby in case of any drowning incident.

In the light of devotees traditionally offering prayers to the Sun god dipping into the river the administration has resolved to identify safe places (Chhath ghats) for offering prayers at the two rivers. Besides, the administration has decided to depute divers and life jackets in adequate strength at Chhat ghats.

Das also took stock of preparations for the culture soiree scheduled to be organised at Sidhgora Surya Mandir where popular playback singer Sunidhi Chouhan will made the evening of Chhath more colourful for the devotees with her ensemble of religious songs to rev up the Chhath spirit.

Das who is also patron of Surya Mandir committee, said that this evening is being organised for the last several years to mark Chhath celebrations.




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