Online Warrant System for Police

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Jamshedpur,22 May,2016 : New high tech system is introduced to send warrants online

The new software to send and receive warrants online has been installed  in police station and related government offices and training is being provided to the concerned officers.

By using this new high tech system warrants will be send online from S.S.P office to police stations and the S.S.P will have full information about the status of the warrant.

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This system is currently working fine in Dhanbad, Hazaribag, Saraikela and Latehar but jamshedpur still  working under the older system which will soon be replaced. 

The older system was bit time consuming and the S.S.P could barely have any information about the status of the warrant but from the new hi-tech online system the process have become super fast and the S.S.P could have a track on the status of the warrants.

The new software will also include noticfication alarm for both S.S.P and concerned officer , The Officer will get notification alarm on receiving new  warrants and the S.S.P will get notification alarm once the warrant executes.

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