No Significance impact of Currency Banned on Maoist and Kashmir : Dr. Ajoy Kumar


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 Jamshedpur,22  Nov : Dr. Ajoy Kumar said that banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note did not had any signinficane impact on Maosit.

On a debate at News 18 , Dr. Ajoy said that Banning Rs500 and Rs 1000 currency note has not affected maiost and kashmir issue anyway.

He said that the main source of income for maosit is extortion and now they will extort money in a denomination of Rs 2000 and thing will be more convinient for them. He further said that he had raided moist camps several time and hardly found any cash with them . Even in the entire country Maoist are rarely found with hard cash.

he said that 3 soldiers were killed by maoist in Assam even after currency band , does this in any way show that the maoist were affected. 

On the Kashmir issue , he said that event of stone pelting was already declining since last few months , In July it was 820, August it was reduced to 740 ,535 in September and was reduced to 150 till October before the Currency Band.

On the Other hand Atul Anjan of C.P.I had raised question against the free sim distributed by companies to invest their black money beforehand.

N.S Bitta , Chairman AIATF said that standing in queue shold not be intollerable for citizens ,They should bare this much for their contry .

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