Naxal spread Terror by Posters in Jharkhand

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Jamshedpur, 3 May 2016 : Naxal terror still continues in Jharkhand, a small example of this was seen when the naxal spread terror just by a poster in the villages of Jharkhand.

Naxal declared a bandh on 2nd and 3rd of May and has also made the announcement for the same earlier,but that did not create much fear among the villager but when they saw the Naxal posters on Monday morning, they did not dare to open their shops or to run their vehicles , The transport and business was totally shut down.

The areas which were affected by naxal band include : Dungridih ,Baliyaghoda, Bagjata , Bhullughut Chowk, kakdoha, Girishdanga, Netra, Media , Bikrampur, Golha kenal and Dedhangh Ghat .

Police removed the posters after getting the information but could not remove the fear from villager's heart . The villagers did not dared to continue their business even after the posters were removed.

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