Literate Families unsafe in Jamshedpur – Gentlemen’s wife and family tortured and beaten up inside their house – Hooliganism at its peak

Hooliganism is at its peak in Jamshedpur - Gentlemen's family are being tortured and beaten up inside their house premises.

Police unable to make any arrest yet, Despite of CCTV footage.

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Jamshedpur, 28 December 2016 :Hooliganism is at its peak in Jamshedpur . Engineer khurshid Ekram family was attacked in his absence on tuesday night around 10:00 pm inside his house on Road no:21, Old Purulia road , mango.

On tuesday night around 10:00 pm, In absence of Khurshid Ekram ,8 -10 armed mens attacked his family . His family was tortured and beaten up for more then 20 minutes , even womens were'nt left.

The family was also threatened at gunpoint.

The family was only able to escape when few people from the neighbourhood gathered up and the criminals ran away by firing in the Air.

 CCTV footage captured video of people entering Khursid ekram's house and the accused were identified as Amjad (Pappu), Anis, Mantu , Shahbaz and their friends.

These people earlier had a scuffle with Khursid Ekram's cousin on 22nd December . On the same day Khursid Ekrams's brother Danish Ekram was also beaten up and threatened when he tried to rescue his brother.

Now , Khursid and his family with support of his neighbourhood demands justice for Khurshid Ekram and immediate arrest of these criminals . People gathered outside Mango Police station and demanded immediate action.

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