Jamshedpur lab develops technique to protect Taj Mahal from pollution


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Jamshedpur 9, August,2016: A lab in Jamshedpur has developed a new technique that will help in protecting the discoloration of historical monument Taj Mahal. Jamshedpur-based National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) developed a cokeless cupola technology that can control the emissions by foundries and units operating furnaces in and around Agra. This technology works with the help of gaseous medium, told senior scientist of NML, NG Goswami who was there to attend a national seminar at Jamshedpur Women's College. Noteworthy, the emissions from these units are posing a hazard to the white marble used in the Taj Mahal due to which it is losing its natural look and shine. But neither the state government nor the businessmen have shown any interest in the technology due to its costly prices. It is to be mentioned here that NML has prepared a report in which it was noted that the industrial units posing threat to Taj should be relocated. The report has mentioned that industrial units use low-pit coke that emits Sulphur di oxide. Sulphur turns into acid when it get mixed with air hence cause acid rain. So, it has suggested the relocation of industrial units and told that if they use good quality coke than it may not harm white marble.   Jamshedpur News @ www.taratanagarlive.com   

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