In Jamshedpur Workers College an ex-beloved was beaten by her lover.


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Jamshedpur,23 August,2016: On Monday around 12 pm in Jamshedpur Workers College campus for one boy two girls fought with each other by seeing this whole college students were shocked. when an ex-girlfriend came to know about her boyfriend's new-girlfriend she came and started fighting her boyfriend's new-girlfriend. The boy got angry with his ex-girlfriend this act and started beating her .the ex-girlfriend injured in this order fell to the ground unconscious. Other girls on the campus tried  to revive her but she didn't revive. College Student Association President Hemant Pathak had repored this information to the Mango police station. The Mango police arrived, after which the student union leaders admitted the young girl at MGM.
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Sneha Sharma ,Intern Editor at Tatanagar Live, B.A (Journalism) Garden City College Bangalore.(pursuing).