Gangster Akhilesh Singh’s Audi is Registered on Vinod Singh Name and EMI are paid by Sanjay Palsania


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  Jamshedpur, 04  December 2016 : After the Murder of Upendra Singh , Police have initiated the work to catch Akhilesh Singh .

Police arrested Viond Singh (Co - Owner of Citi Inn) to inquire about Gangster Akhilesh Singh and Police discoverd that Vinod Singh has given 4 flat to Akhilesh Singh and also registered Akhilesh's Audi Car in his own name meanwhile the monthly installment for his Audi car are paid by Sanjay Palsani of Telco .

Chintu Bhaloti is also arrested in this case as he is also suspected of having close connection with Akhilesh Singh

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