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Jamshedpur 11, August,2016: Right to Education Act (RTE) private schools that do not comply with the recommendation of the departmental action will be taken. So, RTE private schools must follow the rules.Weak children  should be nominated said district education officer RKP Singh .Kerla Samajam model schools principals and their union was addressing a meeting of office bearers. He said the school does not compromise with quality education and child on a topic not tortured. On this occasion, the association of private schools, principals and school officials said government disagreed  the amount prescribed to BPL children and that the quality of education in private schools are being given much less.The District Education Superintendent Banke Bihari Singh said the government had paid Rs 425 per student this time . The schools should have it, they will submit a detailed report to his office.   Jamshedpur News @   

Sneha Sharma ,Intern Editor at Tatanagar Live, B.A (Journalism) Garden City College Bangalore.(pursuing).