Fake Rumour against Delhi Darbar – M.B.A student arrested

Fake Rumour against Delhi Darbar Circulated on Social Media .

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Jamshedpur, 26 December 2016 : Fake Rumours against Delhi Darbar Restaurant, Jamshedpur were circulated on Social Media (Facebook & whatsapp) on 20th & 21st December 2016.

The story began in old city of hyderabad where a  M.B.A student V. Chandra Mohan started this all by sending fake rumour against a hotel named Shah Ghouse. 

He Rumoured that Dog meat is being used in Mutton Biryani of Shah Ghouse restaurant.

Shah Ghouse hotel,the famous Hyderabadi eatery known for its biryani was dragged into the public limelight for shocking accusation.

Mohammad Rabbani, Restaurant owner launched a defamation case for this act.

Police contacted whatsapp directly to identify the source of this message and then found that This M.B.A student V. Chandra Mohan was the perpetrator. Cyber Crime Police arrested V.Chandra and inquired him.

V.Chandra confessed to police having seen a Whatsapp forwarded of a hotel using dog meet. he changed the message and wrote that dog meat was found in Shah Ghouse. 

The same act was repeated in Patna with name of Biryani House and later on in Jamshedpur with the name of Delhi Darbar Restaurant ,The images were same and the names were changed.

The photos of these hotel serving dog meat was circulated on social media without any evidence , proof and source. 

Some rumours also claimed that their was a raid in the restaurant and it was sealed, but neither there has been any raid in the restaurant nor it was sealed. 

Thanks to Hyderabad Cyber Crime and Police department for finding out the truth and arresting the accused.

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