Dr Ajoy Kumar spoke on the currency band meanwhile prem shukla of B.J.P lost temper


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 Jamshedpur, Nov. 11:  Dr Ajoy kumar raised voice for the  inconvenience caused to the common people due to the immediate ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note , he further said that it has created problem for the common people while the people with black money have already had their way out.

He Further said that it was B.J.P which was spotted with black money worth Rs 8 crore on 8th September last year from Ghaziabad and it was BJP which used maximum amount of Black money approx 54,000 crore in the last election.

Listening the above comments Prem Shukla of B.J.P lost his temper and forgot that he is speaking on a national channel and lost control over his words, After which the Anchor and other speakers on the show suggested him to have some manner on a show which is being telecasted on a national level.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar further said that if the P.M wants to control black money then why is he issuing back the 1000Rs and 2000Rs currency.




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