Dr. Ajoy Kumar raised question on the escape of SIMI Terrorist and demanded investigation


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Jamshedpur, 1st November-2016 : Congress Leader Dr. Ajoy kumar raised voiced on the easy escape of SIMI terrorist and demanded an investigation on their escape.

Dr. Ajoy kumar told in an interview with News x and news 24 that it is not easy to escape through high security prison and raised question on how these terrorist managed to escape the prison twice.

Although Police found these terrorist within 10 hours and killed all of them in an encounter ,but it is quite impossible to escape the high security prison easily and Dr Ajoy Kumar also said that it would have been better if  they would have been arrested alive and police wuold have extracted some information of their escape.

News x also showed videos of Police man shooting bullets on the terrorist from a closer distance who are already lying dead over there and on another video it is showed that the terrorist were ready to have a conversation.

Dr Ajoy Kumar also gave details that they were arrested in 2008 and were sentenced on 12 Jan 2011 and on 26th Jan 2011, Shivraj Singh Chuhan ordered to release them on the ocassion of Republic Day and then were later arrested after Congress raised voice through a press confrence. 

Meanwhile Bhupendra Singh ,Home minister of  M.P escape giving any details about the encounter and said that the details will be cleared on a press briefing through police.

Former D.G.P of Uttar Pradesh, Vikram Singh also spoke on the matter and told that it is not easy to escape High Security Prision Cell for a group of people



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