Dr. Ajoy – Careless Government Launched Demonetization Without knowing whether New Currency fits in A.T.M

Even Mohalla tailors measures before stiching clothes,But Govenment Had no idea whether new currency fits in ATM till demonetization

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Jamshedpur, 16 December 2016 : Former I.P.S Officer Dr. Ajoy Kumar said that even Mohalla  tailor takes measurement before stiching a pair of clothes but government launched demonitization without having proper knowledge of whether the new cuurency will fit in ATM machines.

Dr Ajoy Kumar on a news channel said that our Prime Minister did'nt even knew whether the new currency will fit in ATM and announced demonetization and now forcing cashless transaction where more then 75% of the population have no access to internet and has not used Rupay debit card before.

Database of 30Lakh Debit card was hacked a month ago

Moreover the Government did not gave any statement nor took any steps to solve the problem faced by the people but forcing people for cashless transaciton.

Till now 100 lives have been lost and only 13% A.T.M are getting Cash whereas the Black money are converted to white by modi Govenment under 50-50 scheme.

He was also supported by Arvind Sawan of Shiv Sena who accused PM modi of launching demozetization without proper planning which cost more then 90 lives.

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