Dr. Ajoy Kumar raised voice against the Data Breach of 65 Lakh Debit/Credit Card Holders


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Dr. Ajoy Kumar speech in the AICC press briefing on 21st OCT 2016

Jamshedpur, 22nd October-2016 :  Dr. Ajoy Kumar gave a big statement against the Bank data breach of more then 65 Lakh card holder and even said further that the BJP government promised to bring back black money and credit 15 Lakh Rupees to each Bank account in India but instead the vice versa is happening now, Data has been  Hacked from Banks and now Hackers of different country like china and Russia can access and steal money from Indian Bank Accounts .

This is the first time in India that Hackers were successful to stole such sensitive data and in this large number. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Further demanded  the government to disclose the details of the accounts which were affected by this Data Breach and also demanded the government to put pressure on the bank to return back every single penny which was stolen from the Bank account of Indian Citizens     whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-11-19-53-am


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