Amit Rai Murdered By Akhilesh Sing’s Gang


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Jamshedpur, 07  December 2016 : Amit Rai was murdered in Sonari yesterday.

Tuesday Evening around 07:00 pm Amit rai was having a conversation with his friend in his flat A 2, Shiv Ganga Apartment , Sonari . Two people came in and tried to catch him and Amit rai tried to skip. 

Amit Rai some how  escaped his apartment and managed to move 20 ft away, when the criminals shot 4 bullets on him and ran away on foot.

Amit Rai was then rushed to the Tata Main Hospital and was declared brought dead over there.



Amit Rai was very close to Upendra Singh who was murdered a week ago , Amit Rai was helping the police to break Akhilesh Singh Gang and Catch Gangster Akhilesh Singh.

Amit Rai earlier worked with Akhilesh Singh but in Jail , He joined hands with Upendra Singh and started maintaining distance from Akhilesh Singh's Gang.



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