6 New Steps to Be implemented from Today – Currency Band


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6 New Steps to Be Impemented From Today 

 Jamshedpur,18  Nov : These are the 6 steps which will be implemented from 18 November regarding Currency Band :

  1. ) The Limit to Excahange old notes has been reduced from Rs4,500 to Rs2,000 per person.
  2. ) Withdrawl Amount for Wedding set to Rs 2.5 Lakh from father's or mother's account only - KYC(Know Your Customer) Mandatory at the Bank
  3. Farmers can withdraw upto Rs 25,000 per week in the form of a cheque or through RTGS. Crop Insurance premium payment time also increased to 15 Days. KYC mandotory
  4. Registered Traders at Mandi can withdraw upto Rs 50,000 per week , KYC mandotry
  5. Central Government Emplyee upto Group C, can draw advance salary upto Rs 10,000 in Cash
  6. Indelible Ink (Used at the time of election) to be used to mark the Right -Hand Index finger to prevent same people from carrying out Transaction

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