2495 Crore Rs To be spent in 3 stages : Thes changes will be seen in Jamshedpur in few years

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इस खबर को हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे 

Jamshedpur,25 May,2016 : 2495 Crore rupees to be spent on Jamshedpur .These money will be spent only to make the city a better living place like other developed city .

  • Sakchi and Bistupur market will be demolished and will be constructed newly with Multistoried Market with ground parking
  • Separate Cycle Track will be constructed  on city's road
  • Eastern Corrider will be Constructed
  • Rug Road will be constructed in the outskirts of the city
  • All Roads will become one way
  • D.M Library ,Sakchi will be converted into a Hi-tech 4-storey Library

First Phase : Short Term Plan (2016 - 2019) - 778 Crore Rupees

  • Wide roads
  • 25 new Traffic Roundabouts
  • New sign boards and marking on roads
  • Conversion of Roads into One-way
  • Zebra crossing on Roads
  • Crossing for pedestrians
  • Second Entry gate in Tatanagar railway station
  • Roads leading to parsudih and Govindpur will be at least 12m wide
  • Mango to Shitla Mandir,Sakchi Bazaar,St. Mile road,Sakchi traffic roundabout will be Clock wise one way road

Medium Term Plan(2020 - 2025) 375 crore rupees

  •  3 new railway over bridge in city(Jugsalai ,Jojobeda,Govindpur)
  • Sakchi and bistupur market will be demolished and multistoreyed shopping complex will be constructed with ground parking
  • Cycle track to be constructed on roads
  • New Bus stand in sundar nagar, Pardih ,dimna chowk and govindpur for mini bus
  • Easter corridor will be completed
  • A new bridge on swarnrekha near Bara
  • Western corridor will also be constructed connecting sonati to kananbera to NH33
  • A bridge to be constructed on Kananbeda

Long Term Plan(2026 - 2035) 1342 crore rupees

Rapid bus transit system in city

Rug road to be constructed in Outskirt of the city

A sub-urban train will be launched between chota govind pur and Kandra

Kadma Food plaza will become convention centre

D.M library sakchi will be constructed into a 4 storeyed high tech library

Wooden crematorium in swarnrekha river bank

Mango and baridh bus stand will become multistoried

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