10 questions by Dr. Ajoy Kumar to the every Patriot


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10 Questions By Dr. Ajoy kumar to Every Patriot in this Country 

 Jamshedpur,16 Nov : Dr. Ajoy kumar asked 10 questions to every patriot in this country :

Dr . Ajoy kumar asked patriots to read this , atleast they can spare 5 minutes for the country :

Modi ji said that by changing currency we can deal with Black money, Terrorism, Corruption and Fake currency

It sounds good , but only time will tell how much positive affect it will have on the country , But then also Dr Ajoy want to raise a few questions knowingly that every person who asks questions in Modi- Raj is termed as Traitor :

1. ) According to Supreme Court , Only 85 people have 90,000 crore of the country - then why not modi goverment arrest them and take out the money ?

2.)According to Panama Paper Leaks - 500 people names were disclosed then why not the goverment arrest these ?

3.)Few names of black money holder were also disclosed by wiki leaks - why these people are not yet arrrested ?

4.) More then 700 people were identitfied of having Swiss bank account then why not govement inquire about them and disclose their names even after the instructions given by supreme court ?

5.) If every India is to Declare their earning then why not Modi Goverment declare the source of their party fund which was 473 crore in the year 2014-2015 ?

6.) According to the report published by A.D.R - B.J.P spend the highest in the election capmaign then why not goverment ask their source of fund ?

7.) Whole nation knows that all black money is with the politicians and the businessmen - then why not modi goverment takes action against them and instruct fot an Income Tax Raid ?

Old 1000Rs note are being exchange for Rs 800 and Gold price blackmarketing reached a price of Rs 50,000, Many politicians in south are distributing loan of Rs 3 lakh to poor people who will later take back the money in new notes.

8.) Who is in profit from this Scheme -the countryment or the Black market of this country ?

9.) Is it justified to convert black money into white through this black marketing strategies ?

10.) If we have to stand in queue and show our pan card and aadhar card for our hard earned money then why not Mr. Modi declares the black money which is used to gather crowd in his rally ?


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  1. sir how did your Party managed to get crowd.
    can you justify that your party is clean
    like no one is corrupt over there.
    what had you done when had been selected from Jamshedpur.
    your party members are not having black money.

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