If Your Are Depressed Call 1800-345-1849 Instead Of Playing Blue Whale Game

1 Minute Call To Change Your Life 

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Jamshedpur,10 September 2017 : C.I.P has its own help line number to help the depressed. 1800-345-1849

Dr Sanjay Singh Munda Associate Professor of C.I.P.F said that last year they have received more than 1500 calls from depressed peoples in which 300 had prepared their mind for suicide.

These people were guided and relaxed through counselling and were motivated to fight back and live a happier life.

These days depression is increasing due to the innovation of virtual word, People are being more attached to cell phones than to human being,and when they feel sad or depressed they dont get anyone to share their feeling with and to end up this frustration they choose to suicide.

People should regularly spend time with their family and friends and should share the problems with close friends and relatives ,if problems are kept within ourselves they control our mind and make us depressed.

If you feel uncomfortable and dont get any person to guide or motivate you can always call 1800 - 345-1849 and change your thoughts and feelings in a minute .


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