Brahmananda Hospital conducts complex cardiac surgeries on 300 people in a year


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 Jamshedpur: 28th September-2016 : It’s World Heart Day again, observed on 29th of September every year and this year’s theme is ‘Power Your Life’.As one of the leading cardiac and multispeciality hospital in the state of Jharkhand, Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital – a unit of Narayana Health will organize a ‘Walkathon’ Speaking about the risk factors in developing a heart disease Dr. Perwaiz Alam highlighted that high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels coupled with diabetes and obesity are major risk factors for heart disease. In addition to this, age, family history, smoking, fatty diet and physical inactivity also contributes to risk of heart disease.“Women are biologically blessed till their menopause and are at a lesser risk compared to men”, said Dr. Alam. Some of the symptoms include chest discomfort, pain spreading to the arm, throat or jaw pain, swelling in the legs, feet or ankles and irregular heart beat. Heart attack may occur without any symptoms also warn doctors.The Walkathon event organized by Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital is intended to create awareness about cardiovascular diseases. handbag


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