Avian flu scare: Dalma sanctuary on high alert


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Jamshedpur, 31st October-2016 :

The DalmaWildlife Sanctuary (DWS) authorities are now on alert amid growing cases of deaths of wild birds in National Zoological Park in Delhi and Gandhi Zoological Park in Gwalior due to bird flu. DWS has planned to implement measures to ensure resident birds do not contract H5N8 (Hemagglutinin 5 Neuraminidase 8) virus from the migratory birds. "Migratory birds that arrive during winters normally stay at Jubilee Park, Dimna lake and Chandil railway station surroundings that are not far from the sanctuary limits. Hence, we have decided to keep a watch and work out measures in this direction," an official of the Dalma range said. whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-11-19-53-am


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