Jamshedpur News JNAC Sealed Two Buildings

Two More Residential Buildings Sealed In Jamshedpur By JNAC

Jamshedpur 22 July 2018: A team of Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) officials sealed two building in Dhaktidih, Jamshedpur on saturday, earlier a 5 storey under construction building was sealed  on thursday in sitaramdera.

The buildings were sealed  for alleged deviation from the approved building design in their construction.

There has been a number of incidents in the current month where JNAC have sealed several buildings  for alleged deviation from the approved building design in their construction.

On the order of special officer Sanjay Kumar, A team Led by JNAC City Manager Jyoti Punj sealed the buildings. One of them was at Dhatkidih “A” Block and the other was at Sonar Line.

As per special officer Sanjay Kumar, These kind of actions will be taken continuesly to prevent the deviation in building design.


  1. Keep up the good work JNAC…please also take action against builders and make them accountable. There are many builders not even registered to carry construction work and playing with public safety. We are watching and soon this happen that FIR against builders be registered.

  2. Dhatkidih became a place where violation of building by law is much higher. Request JNAC to strictly follow the building by law rule and take action giants builders and land owners who are doing violation of building by law.

  3. Illegal constructed buildings means no registration and revenue loss to Govt. but builders are able to to sale these Illegal constructed buildings based on just a sale agreement and Govt. and JNAC has no information about this.

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