Electric Bill Of Rs 3.5cr

Tea Seller Receives Electric Bill Of Rs 3.5 Cr, 20 Others Of Same Locality Receives Bill Of More Than A Lakh

Tea Seller Receives Electric Bill Of Rs 3.5 Cr in Kapali, Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, 25 January 2018: Zaiki Ahmed is a tea seller by profession and resides in Kapali, Tajnagar, Jamshedpur. He uses three light bulbs in his home but has received an electric bill of Rs 3.5 Cr.

Zaiki is shocked after receiving the bill and is running for the offices of electricity department to get his bill corrected. He is harassed mentally after receiving such a massive amount of electric bill.

Zaiki is not the only one who has received an incorrect bill, in fact, more than 20 in His area have received an electric bill of more than Rs 1 Lakh.

Among those who have received the incorrect bill, few also claims that the electricity department demands money to correct their bill, they first send the faulty bill and then demands money to get it corrected.

As per Amarnath Singh, General Manager, Electricity Department, They have already received the complaint against the wrong bill and have ordered the assistant engineer for investigation in this matter and have also instructed to take action against those who are responsible for this topsy-turvy.

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