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Tata Steel : 7.6 Ton Stolen Rebars Recovered After Police Raided 3 Places In Ranchi

Tata Steel Rebars Recovered : District Police Recovered 7.6 Ton Stollen Rebars Of Tata Steel After Raiding Namkum, BIT Mesra OP area and Sadar PS area

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Jamshedpur,6 November 2017 Seeing a mushrooming of incidents related to pilferage of Tata Steel products, the Crime and Intelligence Team of Tata Steel Security Services has taken steps for protection of the brand. A case in point is the spate of thefts of Tata Steel Rebars.

As per information gathered, the modus operandi is that there are organized gangs which collude with the truck drivers carrying these Rebars, and have them removed from the trucks to their godowns.

Estimates point to the fact that each month approximately 2000 tons of Rebars of Tata Steel and other steel companies, worth approximately Rs 11 crore are stolen enroute in Ranchi where the truck drivers and godown owners collude for stealing such Company property. These Rebars are sold by the godown owners through their shops. In this way, they evade GST and other taxes besides abetting organised theft.

To stop this illegal practice, Tata Steel has taken the help of the Police and other Govt. Agencies. In the last few days, the District Police has raided three godowns in the areas of Namkum, BIT Mesra OP area and Sadar PS area. These have led to the recovery of a total of 7.6 tons of stolen Rebars of Tata Steel. The concerned Godown Manager and the truck drivers have been arrested. Necessary FIR has been lodged.

As Per Tata Steel ,Such raids would continue to be undertaken by the Police and the criminals brought to justice.

It may be mentioned that in late last month also, after surveillance spread over three nights, the District Police had carried out raids in the early morning of 25th October and caught two trailers loaded with Tata Tiscon. These were being sold to two local scrap tal owners at Jamshedpur. The concerned persons were arrested, and the vehicles seized.

The above are examples of a concerted drive being undertaken by the steel Company to protect its brand. It firmly believes in selling its products through approved distribution channels only as per the law of the land. Any attempt by unscrupulous persons to cheat the Company and the Company’s channel partners, would be strongly dealt with. The Company has also conveyed this message to its distributors so that their business is not affected by such illegal practices. Efforts

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