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Ramni Gope Killed One In Self Defence, After Huge Rounds Of Bullets, Fired At Him

Ramni Gope Killed One In Self Defence, Amzad Khan fired bullets on Gope In Broad Daylight.

Jamshedpur, 24 January 2018: Builder Ramni Gope has been in the headlines many times, Every time it was for the same reason, it would either have been an attempt to murder on him or killing of his family members.

It was 27 October 2015 when Ramni Gope son, Duryodhan was killed outside his own house and Ramni Gope was himself attacked several times by bullets and bombs.

As per Gope, On Tuesday 23rd January 2018, Bullets were shot on him at around 09:30 am at D, Block, Birsanagar, near Kali Mandir.

The shooter is identified as Amzad Khan, a residence of Wasseypur, Dhanbad. Amzad shot bullets on Gope with his 3 other mates and Ramni Gope also shot bullets on Amzad which killed him.

As Amzad was shot all his mates ran away and soon Gope and his bodyguards also disappeared from the spot, however, Gope surrendered later that night.

During these multiple rounds of firing a  bullet also hit the shutter of a shop, Mani communication. People in that area were both shocked and scared, soon after the bullets sound silenced, police were informed.

Police reached the spot and investigated the matter and sent the body to M.G.M hospital.

Gope Reached Police Station After Police Puts Pressure

Ramni Gope reached Birsanagar police station and gave the details about this case after police pressurised him