Mamta Banerjee : Would Have Produced Gold From State Like Jharkhand

Jamshedpur 13 December : During an event in Kotshila in west bengal CM Mamta Banerjee targeted the B.J.P and spoke about the misfortune of Jharkhand.

West Bengal CM . Mamta Banerjee said that today Jharkhand is lacking behind despite having rich mineral resources. It is only because of B.J.P , After separation B.J.P has mostly ruled Jharkhand and the current government is also of B.J.P and it is the misfortune of Jharkhand that despite being so rich in mineral resources it remains undeveloped.

She said that if her state would have been rich in mineral resources like Jharkhand she would have produced gold.

She further said that minority and dalit are being troubled in other B.J.P ruled states like Gujrat and Rajasthan. she said that B.J.P has divided the people on basis of religion ,caste and community and filled hatred in their hearts but her state west bengal remains untouched of this discrimination of caste and religion. She has successfully kept the people of west bengal united .