Rs 19.39 Lakh Found In Sangam Vihar Sonari

Jamshedpur :Old Currency Worth Rs 19.39 Lakh Found In Sangam Vihar Sonari

Rs 19.39 Lakh Found In Sangam Vihar Sonari

Jamshedpur, 8 December 2017 : Old currencies in denomination of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 were found unclaimed in sangam vihar, sonari Jamshedpur.

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It was thursday early morning when residence of sonari were out for a morning walk and they saw maids of those area were  collecting old notes of Rs500 & Rs1000 from a heap of notes.

Pramod singh, a residence of sangam vihar, reported this to police . After this Anuj Kumar incharge of Sonari Police Station arrived at the spot and seized the notes.

On counting , the total amount was found to be Rs 19.39 Lakh.

Police also inquired the on duty security guard Manoranjan Dhivar, but found nothing on this matter. Police also looked for CCTV cameras in that area but found none in nearby location.

Till now no evidence have been found related to his matter.

It has been now one year one month since the ban of these currencies, it was 08 November 2016 when the old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 were banned in the country .

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