Within A Week, C.S.C To Open 2 Call Centeres In Jamshedpur

New B.P.O / Call Center Will Bring Employment To Rural Areas Of East Singhbhum

Jamshedpur 08 January 2018 : Common Service Center (C.S.C) which handles Birth Certificate , Caste Certificates and others will now provide employment in rural areas of east singhbhum.

As per Chief Secretary of C.S.C Rajbala Verma

C.S.C will open 2 call center within a  week, 1 in Ghatsila and other in Jadugora chowk .

These call center will handle survey and data entry job and will provide a monthly salary of approximately Rs 8000/- to their employees.

Each call center will have 10 computers and 10 landline phone which will provide employment to 10 people in each call center.

C.S.C will also set a factory in Susnighadiya to manufacture Sanitary Napkins

C.S.C will also set a factory to manufacture sanitary napkins. This factory will be set up by an investment of Rs 3 lakh and will produce 1600 sanitary napkins daily. Only female will be employed in this factory .


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